Nov 112019

I was unable to run the functions the HostBuilder was working quite fine but it was unable to connect with the Azure function I was getting the connection refused exception. The thing that I was missing was the storage simulator.

I will start going through in making in hello world azure function



We have now selected the HttpTrigger. Every time a HTTP call is made to the specified URL this function will be triggered. For this demo, we will select the authorization level anonymous meaning anyone can access the function.


Once you start the function you will see a bulk of output in the console. I have explained it later about those options. At the end of the output, you will be able to see the URL that is used to access the function.

Write this URL in a browser or postman and put a breakpoint at the beginning of the option. When you access the URL it will hit the breakpoint.



Let’s see the logs in a bit detail we have

LoggerFilterOptions: with level and rules. This is used for logging if there is any provided. The level of the log and the rules are also mentioned here

FunctionResultAggregatorOptions: The function result aggregator is the option to identify what are the options that should be present in the resulting bulk.

SingletonOptions: These options ensure the singularity of the functions. This ensures only one instance of the function is running.

HttpOptions: we also have HTTP options where we mention the maximum number of current and outstanding requests. You can also define the route prefix here

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