Nov 222019
Toggling code in IOC

Background In our development process e believe a lot in microservices and the CICD philosophy. To achieve that we have introduced feature toggles to control the features that are already delivered to the customers. So when the feature is stable enough we enable the feature on the next update and the new features is usable […]

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Nov 222019

Step 1: Register an app in active directory app registration You need to do a new application registration Once that application is registered you need the application Id which is also called the client id. The other thing that you need to configure the permission. In permission you need to give access to log analytics […]

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Nov 122019

To do that we need the executable MSbuild.exe to build our project. Normally its part of the environment variables so if you open command window and type MSBuild.exe and hit enter. If you see any error saying that the command is not found then it means that its not part of the environment variable. Normally […]

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Nov 122019
Audit Trail Interceptor

Lets start by thinking what we want to do here. Now there could be some requirement where we want to log all the web calls that user is making so that we can log some audit trail. Audit trail are good to keep accountability in the application so that problem and breach detection is easy […]

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Nov 122019

Azure graph search is a search that you can do from the azure cli. Normal you cant just directly do it you have to install the extension for the azure graph. To do that you have to open the CLI and add the extension. >az extension add – – name resource-graph This will add the […]

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Nov 122019

Most of the configuration that we do n azure portal can also be generated in the form of ARMN templates. Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates dictate how the resources will be provisioned on azure. In this blog I will follow a very basic guide in creating a ARM template. This guide consist of 6 different […]

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Nov 122019
Azure usefull commands

Below are some of the useful azure command that I use. I will not explain them fully just will mention briefly about their output. Login: First of all you need to connect to azure and to do that you need to run the command az login. When you run the command you will be prompted […]

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Nov 122019
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

This part of the build chain in DevOps was a huge riddle for me. I never quite get my head around it. But now that I have got some idea I will try to tell the story from top down approach. So in a development process we start to have the code on developer machine. […]

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Nov 112019

Ok so this is something that I was not really aware on how to do. The assignment was to read the data from the log analytics in azure to show it in one of our application by using c# The challenge was to understand how to do it. So I started searching google and I […]

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Nov 112019
Introduction to Azure Functions

I was unable to run the functions the HostBuilder was working quite fine but it was unable to connect with the Azure function I was getting the connection refused exception. The thing that I was missing was the storage simulator. I will start going through in making in hello world azure function We have now […]

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