Nov 102017
Key concepts of Bot Framework

        You can say that the bot framework can be classified in to the following concepts.   Connector: The bot framework is basically a REST full API that is used to communicate between the Bot and the channel. Now here the channel could be anything like skype, slack kik etc. Basically the […]

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Nov 062017
Bot in action - A more advanced hello world

Whenever i talk Bot i always think of those Sifi movies where you can have those super complex and intelligent digital beings. When I heard that the bot framework is out I wanted to try it and it wasn’t that easy to learn and develop. I know I am a bit late in this blog […]

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Jul 242017
Self hosting console application

I wanted to create a self hosting console application without going to the hassle  of creating a new web application project. So all i had to do was to create a console application and then do the nuget and OWIN do the rest. Create a new console project and paste this code in the main […]

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Jul 132017
Setting up Bot Framework Environment

To create your first c# Bot you need to setup your environment you the Bot project template and the Bot framework channel emulator. They are not included in the standard VS installation package (at least not yet) so we have to fix it ourselves. Lets fix the project template first. You can download the project template […]

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Jul 102017
Deserialize Object using newtonsoft

In this example i will printing out the list of movies that we get in the form of Json and print them out. Step1: Create a console project Step2: Add newtonsoft nuget package Step3: I will be using a open source api that i will call to pint the title of the movie along with the […]

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Jul 062017
Parsing an XML

In this post i am going to explain two different ways to parse XML file. I am directly going to start with the code but before that here is my sample XML. In the code there are two ways of parsing the XML one is the simple way of doing it through which it is […]

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Jul 052017
Difference between IEquatable and IComparable

I was always getting confused in what to use until i came to know when should we use IEuqatable and IComparable. So lets say you have an object and you want to use it in a dictionary. Sometime we implement the ‘contains’ method from the dictionary on the list. Now this method wont work if […]

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