Jul 042017
Hello world to .Net core using CLI

I realy want to get my hands dirty with the new .Net core hype so i thought may be not its the time. Before going crazy on the visual studio i decided to use the .net core using the command line. So lets start To begin with you need to have .net installed. If you […]

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Jul 032017
Tasks in action

A quick reference on how you can use tasks. I wont write much around here as the code is explaining it self. The name of the methods tell the action around the task, how they were created and what is the purpose of that code. This is really basic code snippet right now but i […]

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Apr 282017
Using NHibernate- ADO Connection

So I had a problem where I need to use the sqlBulk to insert multiple records from a data table to database. Now we are using NHibernate but sometime we don’t always use it or not truly use the NHibernate entities instead sometime we use Sqls directly either in new ado connection or using the […]

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Mar 032017
Difference between override-virtual and new components

The override modifier is used to extend the functionality of an abstract or virtual method. To easy understand this consider the following example. In this example the base class is abstract along with two methods one is abstract and the other is virtual. When we use inherit from this base class we are bound to […]

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Dec 082016
CORS on different browsers

Cross origin resource sharing means that when we try to access a from one origin from a different origin. To get more understanding we need to know what origin is or what exactly is considered while cors calls. The origin is determined based on the URL.If we have URL A (http://localhost:45376) and URL B (http://localhost:45376) and […]

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Dec 022016
Limiting generics class to use selective types

There are certain situations where you only want to use generics types for certain types. Mean you want to limit it to be used for certain types only. Consider the following example where we have a two class CurrentEmployee and ExEmployee and we want to limit our SuperPerson to use type that are only CurrentEmployee […]

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