Sep 122014

So here is a link of really nice lbrary used for data visualization. Check this as you will find some really nice interactive design.

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Jun 242014

Looking at the children today i really miss my childhood days. Perhaps its more of a cultural thing as well as i am from Pakistan and the early 90’s and late 80’s were the best days,

  • When children use to go out and play instead of playing on Xbox
  • When we use to talk in person instead of text messages
  • When we can convert any box in a toy instead of buying a toying
  • When comics were more of a treasure then your hard drive
  • When you get a greeting card instead of email
  • When you only get to see 10 minutes of cartoons instead of a whole channel
  • When peoples were more respected then goods
  • When quotes were found in books rather then social media


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Jun 112014

So i thought i should mention a general idea about blog life cycle. There are many detailed links on internet describing the ups and downs faced by a blogger but i could  generalize it using the following terms.

Blog lifecycle


So the first thing is the inspiration. When it comes to blog we have some sort of inspiration which can be personal, role model or goal based.

A person can be inspired by others if he or she see them earning allot, gaining allot of fame, being recognized, being organized, to express, and many other countless inspirations.


Then comes the actual blogging which is very much dependent on the inspiration. This is dependent on the type of inspiration you have selected. To generalize this phase the user directly proportional to your inspiration. If your inspiration was to earning then you will have to chose a topic which can also inspire others to attract user. If your inspiration is expressing your self then you can express your self in a way that others found interesting.


The feed back is the very important phase. The feed back can be positive which can either be in the form of money, comments traffic etc or it can be negative which can either be comments, low traffic, low earning etc. It important phase for your blog which pushes you to the next phase.

Toggle period:

The toggle period can simple be defined as ‘I want to continue’ and ‘I want to quit’. It is very much dependent on you feedback. Positive feedback will boost you and make you blog more but negative feedback might disappoint you and you might stop.


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Jun 102014

So here is my first post on this blog. I have tried many times to start a blog but i always lost interest on the way but this time i have a strong ambition of maintaining it. I will also try to follow different target among which maintaining a blog has certain priority so lets see how much i maintain it.

I have seen many people starting maintaining and trashing blogs and there are many reason due to which they abandoned it.

So in my next post i will describe blogs life cycle.

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