Jul 182014

So i been using this theme for my blog which has so many customization options that you can get lost easily. I am doing one step at a time so i thought i should change the menu style but after spending some time i found the place. Probably you can do that as well but i thought this post might save you some minutes.

If you have your menu under the banner then go under ‘Other graphical elements’ and click ‘ Navigation bar below header’ in that there are the following options

Menu Item Style – Show menu items as individual tabs

main menu tab

Menu item style – Show menu items as a continuous list

main menu list

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Jun 242014

Looking at the children today i really miss my childhood days. Perhaps its more of a cultural thing as well as i am from Pakistan and the early 90’s and late 80’s were the best days,

  • When children use to go out and play instead of playing on Xbox
  • When we use to talk in person instead of text messages
  • When we can convert any box in a toy instead of buying a toying
  • When comics were more of a treasure then your hard drive
  • When you get a greeting card instead of email
  • When you only get to see 10 minutes of cartoons instead of a whole channel
  • When peoples were more respected then goods
  • When quotes were found in books rather then social media


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