Nov 112019

Today I want to talk about the place where we spend almost eight hours every day or at least from Monday to Friday. There is off course there are some people who work from home but for most of the guys who are doing full time jobs they are normally at their workplace. While staying at work we are mostly working but every now and then we communicate with people around us. Every day we do work discussions, tell jokes, ask for upcoming or previous plans and communicate in many ways.

With all of this constant commination between the work colleagues we make a social or work relation with those people at work even though we are not related or living with our colleagues.

Happiness is working with great people

I am working in Teleopti Sweden (A Calabrio Company) as a Cloud Developer. We have a pretty good amount of people who are in office apart from those who are either travelling for work or working from home. But in the summer the number of people at office decreases substantially due to summer vacations. I am one of the few who are working in those long silent and relaxed sunny summers when most of the office is on vacation. Its not many people around and I would say it’s the best time working at the office. Not many people are around and the one that are around you get the chance to communicate with them. The work environment is less stressful and more quiet. You get more focus on work and self-evaluation. Though both self-evaluation and work are a constant thing that we are doing all the time but during those working days one could take a step back to have more focus.

We are a Team

We are not a team just because we are physically located at one place and working together. We are team because we communicate, we trust, we share jokes, have fun activities and we respect each other. It like having another family at your workplace. We do have a lot of work-related discussions and augments on different things and in the we agree on the common grounds. This is almost like those childhood fight-arguments with our siblings and the next day start without any grudges. This off course gives you the chance to develop that comfort zone which helps you excel.

The Fika policy

‘Fika’ is Swedish is defined as a coffee break. I think this is another healthy tradition that we have at the Swedish work environment. Fika are informal coffee breaks near the kitchen are or the common area. Where you could have work chat to personal chat to mingle more. You normally discuss your weekend, plans for weekend or things in general

With all these things combined I think routine that you have at work in invaluable. It gives you the confidence at drive to work with your team and the people around the office.

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Nov 042019

I have a friend who is working as a Principle Developer. He has a fun job responsibility to work with the normally helps start-ups to boot up and when they are done he moves to the next start-up. He has mentored many start-ups and helped them in terms of technology and processes. I had the curiosity to ask him about the famous questions that we normally have in our minds. So I asked him some questions and this was his reply.



Q- What development process is followed by most startups

Most of the start-ups follow extreme programming. The reason is that they have a limited amount of amount to practice mature organizational processes. That does a lot of pair programming and relies heavily on TDD. One of the most important things that they do is they do pair rotation on a single story which is a must.

Q- How is the risk planned

There is a process of risk estimation in which we identify and migrate as early. If this process is not followed then they proceed anyway by considering risk as a known factor.

Q- How to they scope the prototype and is it always successful

The scoping of the prototype is based on the pain and gains of the user. We try to focus on the most important need/problem solvers. The prototype is always successful (not in terms of its adaption) as we gain knowledge on what user requires and want from the prototype and what are the next changes that can be foreseen. It’s more of the mindset thing.

Q- How careful do they select the technology

For a prototype, the aim is always to fail fast, recover fast. So, we choose the technology that serves this need in the quickest possible way. But we always apply best software practices while development so that prototype can be extended to a production-ready environment with no additional effort

Q- Do they estimate-foresee the technology cost

To some degree, yes. As I mentioned before, everything starts with the prototype to understand the learnings and the technology can be switched afterward to some extent as well.

Q- How often are the successful

If we are talking about adoption, then I would say out of every 3, 2 would be failing. But in other situations its really hard to figure it out.

Q- What is the most common mistake that the Start-up make

There are many and they are not seasonal but some of the most common ones that could be highlighted are

  • Not doing enough user research and understanding the pains and needs of the customer.
  • Starting with a solution without validating assumptions

Q- How is the quality of the end product

Its almost always production ready material as we are doing rapid prototyping development so the ultimate aim is to deliver production ready material

Q- How well are they aware of the business

They invest a lot of effort into understanding it. It’s a bit hard to measure this but I estimate that 8 out of 10 have strong market research and know the business.

Q- What are the channels where they prove their business ideas

I would say that depends on the idea. Some ideas can be pre validated using social media to figure out the interests of the users or businesses. You can also do ‘pre-sale’ and sell out a feature that is not development. This normally guarantees good business. In some cases, the Business idea is proven with the help of a prototype and then it is circulated to customers to be validated.

Q- How is a successful relationship linked with pitching

Pitching is more towards showing the capability to be able to achieve something while giving benefits to stakeholders/investors as well. As long as the benefit is clear, the pitch is almost always successful.

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Dec 302018

Its been almost one year now since I am part of Pakistan Sweden Business Counsel as board member. Our aim is to increase bilateral trade between Sweden and Pakistan and to bridge the business and consumer community both the countries. On November 2018 we organized an event where we invited companies from Pakistan to show case their products and services to Swedish discussion makers. More than 80 people joined us from different IT companies extending to different business domain and in the end there were around 8 different business deals signed off.

Some of the leading companies from Pakistan joined us incuding QorData, Digital dividend, Digital soft, Mercurial Minds, Wanara enterprises, Synavos, DPL and Content Archade.

I think it was a really good networking opportunity and I get to meet people from different companies and different cultures. Here are some of the clicks from the event.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-28 at 19.59.23

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Jul 122017

Though the concept is really simple but there is always an edge confusion between the two. Lets discuss them one by one using example. To understand the concept of Abstract lets consider one of this easy case domain problem. Lets discuss the characteristics of an animal. An animal can have 4 legs if its a horse and two legs if its a Kangaroo (ok you can argue that the arms are legs as well but lets assume that its only two legs and two arms). When i define a object of such characteristics i cant really say directly that an animal has 4 legs. I mean in real life it could have 4 but not when its a Kangaroo. Let me define the two processes separately

If we have a domain case where we say that we cannot haven’t an object of Animal class because we don’t know if it would have 4 or 6 legs. but we could have Horse or Kangaroo objects. Then we define the animal class abstract. What it will do it one it could restrict the type animal to be instantiated and secondly it would force all the child classes to implement the base class abstract method.

If we have a domain case where we have a Passenger class which could travel with ticket. But if its European passenger then we need to check the passport only and if its Non European passenger then we need to check the Passport and visa. To implement that check the example below where the base class(Passenger) method is overridden by the child class based on their nature






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Jul 122016


Now this is powerfull you can view what you have done on google. its like a flashback of your life not entier though only to the one that is related to google. Here you can view here have you went, checked in, searched and what you have seen on youtube. The bright side is google can predict your intrests and behavior and predict your next intrest which could save you alot of time. In the worng hands this could be a perfect for social engineering attacks. Google can use this data to improve services to the general population and also give you a more controlled and personalized experiance. Check out thier Privacy page.

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Jun 082016

When you have a cutting edge business idea it’s not enough. You need to have a team to build it some good tests and quality engineer to test it but will that be enough or do you need more?

I think the best rough strategy to launch a product is to prototyping first to get a working solution for your idea once you have that you need to hire a team for development, some good marketing, and some sales people if the profit model is to sell it and so on. But how will you get the budget you could always partner up with investors but there are also other ways to be funded.

Crowd funding is one of the options but you can’t just go there and ask for money you should at least prepare the below mentioned points before hitting to any of those sites.

Business Idea

Describe your business idea now it could be text but if it’s an animation or some nice scripted short client you will grab more attentions check out these crazy intro videos which are really cool

Financial Timeline

The funders are really interested in how you will spend the money and it’s even better if you tell them and how and when (considering the stage of the project you are in). Defining a timeline give them the overview of project lifecycle. There are many tools that could generate fancy timelines so use them.


For transparency give the intro of the team that is involved and if possible a small interview of each member explaining about them and how they feel to be a part of that project.


That’s the best and the tricky part. Perks are something that you offer to your funders it could be many within a project starting from 1$ to as much as possible. But keeping a low amount is the best strategy. For low cost perks you can offer laptop stickers, t-shirts, mugs etc. For high paying funders you could offer them early bird release of your product.

Famous crowd funding sites

The best practice is to hire a technical writer who could fix these technical documents and videos for you. There are many crowd funding exporters available who are really good at what they do and they can pitch your product better.

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May 272015

Lately i was interviewing for front end developer and got a chance to some really nice persons. Most of the applicants were fresh graduate so it was really hard to access them as they don’t have any experience and most of the things that you expect from them is missing. So how can they still show themselves smart and experienced while still being a fresh graduate?

Consider having a GitHub account

A portfolio (doesn’t have to be a full site but it could be some snippet)

Having knowledge of the famous frameworks like Grunt, NpM, Node and Angular. But there are many other frameworks in the market but consider get some idea around that.

Have some idea about testing and test driven development

Knowledge of some nice mock development tool

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