Jan 152015

There are soo many social network which hosts differnet types of behaviour. If you want to chat with pictures you can use Snap chat, if you want to only post pictures you can use Instagram and lets not forget the mother of all social network that is Facebook. But are they leaving good impact on us? How often are we using them?

According to Forbes and i qoute

“In the U.S., over 12.2 billion collective hours are being spent browsing on a social network every day.  This is costing the U.S. economy around $650 billion per year based on each social media user costing a company roughly $4,452 per year, according to data compiled by LearnStuff.com.”

That is a huge lost both in terms of money and in terms of productivity.

You can easily identify that either you are an addict or not by just obsoving you routine.

Are you waking up on time just just because you start using your phone during the night?

Do you intrerupt yourself just because you want to see some new notifications?

Do you worry when your phone is about to die?

How do you spend your time when your phone run out of battery?

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

and many more.


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